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The 1200 Series linear position sensors are ideal when reliability in a harsh operating environment is a primary consideration and size is a major factor. A durable spring loaded function that returns the shaft to the extended position. Typical applications include industrial, automotive, appliance and machine tool. The 1200 Series is available in three standard strokes and provides excellent resistance, voltage linearity characteristics and a long life of 1,000,000 full cycles.
Linear Scales
Linear Scales

Linear Scales for the length 15mm to
1200mm, Rod type and Rodless.
Wireless Devices
Access hard to reach location, install wiring and conduct are not practical.
Accomodate digital and analog I/O in a single unit.
Integrate with existing process and control network.
Easy to retrofit, expand and relocate as needed.
By directional Rx/Tx communication between gateway and nodes.