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We offer RFID Systems

RFID Systems
Efficient production with higher application speed
Flexible integration with modular mounting
Unlimited areas of application with extended temperature range
High system availability with the latest memory technology
Easy integration in the world of control systems
In addition to its RFID system with all-metal components for particularly demanding environments (low-frequency technology), Contrinex has now also developed an RFID product range which works according to high-frequency technology (13.56 MHz). This new standard system allows for the integration of all tags complying with the requirements of the ISO/IEC 15693 standard. It is moreover particularly user friendly, due to the fact that its read/write modules can be connected directly to an RS485 field bus.

In this way, a network of up to 253 read/write modules may be built up. By means of a USB adaptor, up to 10 read/write modules can be directly addressed physically from a control console. The physical address of a specific read/write module is determined by means of a selector built into the device. And by programming each read/write module separately, up to 253 addresses can be controlled. To ensure easy use of the system, a demo programme provides the user with an introduction to the system.

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